7 Signs Your Need To Repair Your Sewer Line

All of the systems in your Boulder, CO, home play their part, keeping your home safe and your family comfortable and secure. One of the most essential is the plumbing system and, more importantly, the sewer line. Connected to all drains and toilets, the sewer line drains away from your home’s wastewater, a critical function indeed. 

One problem, however, is that sewer lines don’t last forever. Eventually, they break down, leak, and eventually cause an ungodly mess. Another problem is that, every so often, someone will flush something down the toilet that wasn’t meant to be flushed. 

Both situations could lead to costly sewer line repairs that could bust your budget wide open. Even worse,  they could cause health problems for your family and cause major damage to your home. To prevent those disasters, below are Mountain Contracting’s Top 7 Signs you Need to Repair your Sewer Line. If avoiding major sewer line problems is your goal, read on. 

Sign #1- Your Toilets are Making Weird Noises

Have you noticed that your toilets have started making weird noises lately, even when they aren’t being used? If yes, that could be a sign your sewer line is damaged. Here’s the thing; water that’s flushed down your toilet needs to be able to go through the sewer line and into the sewer or septic system. If it can’t, it will come back up and cause the weird, gurgling noises you’re hearing. 

Sign #2- Your Lawn Looks Gorgeous… In Some Spots

One of the reasons people use cow and chicken manure to fertilize their lawns and gardens is because  manure works really well. So does human feces (which, frankly, is more or less the same thing). That’s why,  if you have a sewer line leak, you will often notice parts of your lawn look amazingly green and lush. If they do, it’s a good idea to call a septic system contractor immediately.

Sign #3- There’s a Significant Increase in Mosquitoes, Rats, and Other Pests around Your Home

Mosquitoes love standing water, and rats, unfortunately, are attracted to sewer lines for all of the fantastic stuff (at least for rats) they contain. If you notice a significant increase in mosquitoes, rats, mice, raccoons,  and other critters, there’s a good chance your sewer line is leaking somewhere (and you need sewer line services). 

Sign #4- Your Home Smells Like Poop

One sure sign that your sewer line is in trouble is if your house or yard smells like poop. The thing is, when your sewer line is working correctly and has no issues, you won’t smell anything inside or outside. However,  if it’s damaged or leaking, the unmistakable smell of poop is very possible. If it is, you likely need sewer line repair services.

Sign #5- Your Yard Has Strange Soft Spots And Puddles

Most well-drained lawns will dry out quickly after it rains, usually in a few hours but definitely in a day or two. If you’re feeling soft spots in your lawn, though, or, even worse, seeing puddles of standing water, that’s not good. It usually means that, down under the grass, your sewer line is cracked and leaking. 

Sign #6- Your Toilets are Backing Up

For many people, an overflowing toilet is one of the worst household disasters. (We think you’ll agree, it’s  kind of gross.) If your sewer line is clogged or damaged, your toilets can overflow when flushed (and sometimes even when they aren’t flushed). By the way, if this happens in your Boulder, CO, home, the first thing you should do is turn off the water supply to the toilet. The next is to call a sewer line repair services company, pronto!

Sign #7- The Drains In Your Sinks Aren’t Draining

This last sign you need to repair your sewer lines pronto is easy to spot. If your sink (or sinks) in the kitchen or bathroom isn’t draining, it could mean there’s a clog somewhere and, possibly, an even worse problem with the sewer line. If you’ve tried drain cleaner and your sinks still aren’t draining, it’s time to contact a sewer line services company or septic system contractor for help.

These 7 Sewer Line Tips Brought to you by Mountain Contracting,  LLC.

Knowing the signs of a sewer line problem is essential if you’re a homeowner in Boulder and Gilpin County,  Colorado. If one, or more, of the above signs, is affecting your home, that’s when it’s time to contact  Mountain Contracting. With over 10 years of experience serving the good people of Boulder and Gilpin counties, Mountain  Contracting specializes in both sewer line repairs and septic tank repairs. We’re a full-service sewer and water line provider with licensed, insured, and highly experienced technicians in the field. If one or more of the 7 signs above impacts your home, Call Mountain Contracting today!

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